Color PPF Wrap for Your Tesla

This is so much more than just a vinyl wrap. Don't force yourself to chose between a stylish car and paint protection! With colored PPF, your car will be completely transformed with a new look while also receiving the best possible protection. With special attention paid to the brilliance of each color while retaining the integrity of its polyurethane construction, FlexiShield cuts no corners in the production of this film.

Stand Out with Color PPF

Instantly transform the look of a car with colored PPF! Additionally, our colored PPF will also provide you with protection from rock chips and other road hazards. FlexiShield Cosmetic Paint Protection Film is produced with special attention to the brilliance of each color while also keeping in tact the integrity of its polyurethane construction.

color ppf wrap



FlexiShield's technology provides a dense top coat with a gorgeous, clear finish that will never show signs of yellowing or cracking. Your vehicle's paint will be kept safe from scratches, road debris, and other hazards.


The film posses the unique ability to heal itself due to thermoplastic polyurethane; a flexible layer that can self-heal once damage occurs. Don't worry about smaller scratches, swirls, and abrasions any longer!


Regardless of if you're wrapping the entire vehicle or only one section, FlexiShield's Cosmetic paint protection film will make it look better than new.


FlexiShield film contains polyurethane dispersion, a self-cross-linking technology that resists hard water, acid rain, and solvents.

Our Tesla Color PPF Wrap Packages

Our PPF comes with a 5 year warranty. All vehicles will be hand washed and vacuumed and dusted on the interior. If you want something specific that is not listed here please let us know. We can customize a package for you and wrap edges where possible without disassembling your vehicle. All of our PPF is precision computer-cut to ensure a custom fit and damage free installation.

**With the purchase of all of our PPF packages, receive 10% off our ceramic coating packages.**

Tesla Wrap

Model 3 Full Wrap

Transparent PPF


Color PPF


Model Y Full Wrap

Transparent PPF


Color PPF


Model S Full Wrap

Transparent PPF


Color PPF


Model X Full Wrap

Transparent PPF


Color PPF



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