2022 Tesla Model 3 | XPEL Stealth PPF | Matte Tesla Wrap

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2022 Tesla Model 3 | XPEL Stealth PPF

This 2022 Tesla Model 3 got a huge makeover thanks to XPEL matte-finish PPF, called Stealth PPF. XPEL Stealth PPF goes far beyond that of a vinyl car wrap. While a matte vinyl car wrap could visually achieve a similar look, the reality is you can only get proper paint protection with paint protection film. XPEL Stealth PPF is designed with the sleek appearance of a matte/satin finish in mind all while keeping the integrity of a proper, self-healing paint protection film. Wrapping this 2022 Tesla Model 3 in XPEL Stealth PPF helped to not only make it look it’s best, but to protect it for years to come as well.

Tesla Model 3 Car Wrap

2022 Tesla Model 3

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to experience the performance, speed, and design of a Tesla, look no further; the 2022 Model 3 is your answer. For 2022, the prior year’s Standard Range model has been given the new name of Rear-Wheel Drive. This trim sees an estimated driving range of 272 miles while the mid-trim (Long Range, as Tesla calls it) sees a driving range of 358 miles/charge. The Performance Trim sees an impressive 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds.

As per usual with Teslas, the interior of the 2022 Model 3 is stunningly simple and incredible attractive. The touch screen in the center of the dash provides controls over most aspects of the car. In addition, the two front seats of the vehicle are spacious and quite comfortable.

Tesla Model 3 Stealth PPF

XPEL Stealth PPF

Stealth PPF is designed to preserve a flat factory finish or to convert a gloss-finished car into a matte finished car. There truly has been no easier way to completely change the entire look of your car while simultaneously giving it the best protection against rock chips and other outside elements.

In the instance of this 2022 Tesla Model 3, we used Stealth PPF to convert this glossy paint to a matte-sheen and, we’ve got to admit, it looks pretty great.

With XPEL Stealth, not only will this Model 3 be protected from rock chips, but it will also provide for a more easy cleaning experience saving you time, money, and effort.

Tesla Model 3 Matte Wrap

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  • Great work. In driveway, had all supplies. Will be using again! Update: Had them tint our SUV and they did an amazing job (ceramic - 7 windows). Will be back to tint my car with them and recommend to friends. They even hand washed the car when they finished!

    Roberto Vargas Avatar Roberto Vargas
    April 24, 2021
  • I am stunned by how well my car turned out. We have used Nathan's before for my wife's car, and it always looked great, but I don't think I realized how thorough and professional they really are. The car looks better than it did when I bought it! From showing up on time to communicating well to making sure I understood everything they had done, the service was exactly as advertised and then some. Great job all around!

    Scott Tennant Avatar Scott Tennant
    July 1, 2021
  • From multiple reminders, which was great to be sure it was in the driveway, to quietly and professionally working on our van (2 teens and a toddler - it was dirty!) The technician went above and beyond. The van looks like it did when Carvama dropped it off, perhaps even a bit better. THANK YOU for working so hard in this heat and leaving our van sparkling clean. We will recommend you to everyone we know and call you again to do our other car! (Side note - it did take a little longer then was originally quoted, because it was DIRTY, so I would schedule accordingly if you also have a dirty car. The wait was completely worth it!!!)

    Rachael Grech Avatar Rachael Grech
    July 6, 2021
  • This is the second time we've had Nathan's out to detail our cars. John did an amazing job on both my daily driver and my summer toy! He was friendly, communicated well, and highly skilled and professional. We will definitely be calling on them again to keep our cars looking beautiful!

    Lori Smith Avatar Lori Smith
    June 16, 2023

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