Tesla Paint Protection | Why Is Paint Protection Important?

Tesla Paint Protection

Tesla Paint Protection | Model S Paint Protection Film The sad reality is that every time you hit the road with your Tesla, you’re putting your car’s paint at risk. More than likely, you’re not just putting it at risk, you’re seriously damaging it. Tesla makes some amazing cars with some industry leading features. But…

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2022 Tesla Model 3 | XPEL Stealth PPF | Matte Tesla Wrap

Tesla Model 3 PPF

2022 Tesla Model 3 | XPEL Stealth PPF This 2022 Tesla Model 3 got a huge makeover thanks to XPEL matte-finish PPF, called Stealth PPF. XPEL Stealth PPF goes far beyond that of a vinyl car wrap. While a matte vinyl car wrap could visually achieve a similar look, the reality is you can only…

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XPEL Stealth PPF | the Best Paint Protection with Style

xpel stealth ppf

Tesla Model 3 x XPEL Stealth Paint Protection Film We recently had published a blog post on the Tesla Model 3 which made an appearance in shop a few weeks back for XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF installation. The following week, we had two more Tesla Model 3’s come in to both receive full XPEL Stealth…

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Model 3 PPF Installation | the GREATEST Tesla PPF

Tesla Model 3 PPF Tesla Model 3 Ceramic Coating

Tesla Model 3 PPF and Ceramic Coating Installation! As we continue to grow our “Protection Division” of the company (PPF/Clear Bra, Ceramic Coating, Window Tint), we get to see some incredible cars come in. Porsche, Corvette, Mercedes…we’ve seen almost everything at least once. But through it all, Tesla vehicles have been a constant staple in…

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