This is What Protecting a Supercar Looks Like

Mercedes SLS AMG

Fast, rare, and sexy. Those are the first words that come to mind when writing a blog post on this 2015 Mercedes SLS AMG that was in the shop recently. This supercar came straight from the dealer to us to receive our XPEL PPF treatment with XPEL ceramic coating. When you’ve got a car as special as this one, it’s imperative that you do everything in your power to protect it. Trust us, there’s no better way to protect a vehicle than with XPEL Paint Protection Film and ceramic coating.

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Why PPF?

Well let’s start off by talking about PPF (Paint Protection Film) or, as it’s sometimes called, clear bra.

XPEL Ultimate Plus is a clear protective film that is applied to the exterior of your car. This virtually undetectable film will protect your car from rock chips, tree sap, and other things the roads may throw at it. On top of that, the film is self-healing. Seriously. If you leave the car out in the heat for a little while, the film will heal itself of minor scratches and swirls that would otherwise ruin the paint.

PPF is an integral part to automotive paint protection. XPEL is an innovative industry leader in automotive protection and we’re proud to offer their products here. We treated this SLS AMG with XPEL Ultimate Plus PPF to ensure that the car is protected and the driver is confident when driving.

Why Ceramic Coating?

When you’ve got a supercar, you’re going to want nothing but the best. PPF is definitely going to help protect your car against a lot of potential damage, but when you’ve got a vehicle like the SLS AMG, you’re going to want to step up the protection game. That’s why we are proud to offer XPEL Fusion Plus ceramic coating.

Bonding at the molecular level of your car’s exterior, XPEL Fusion Plus ceramic coating helps guard your car against UV rays, bug acid, and other potential environmental contaminants. The coating will resist against light scratches as well as significantly reduce fading of the paint. XPEL ceramic coating possess what’s known as “hydrophobic” qualities. This means that it will repel dirt and other liquids ensuring that your car is as easy to clean as it can be.

With ceramic coating, you can say goodbye to the days of constant washing and waxing.

The Mercedes SLS AMG: A Supercar for the Ages

This incredible car is Mercedes through and through. It’s fast (6.2-liter V-8 seeing up to 583 horsepower) and boasts an incredibly luxurious and comfortable interior. If you want the power of a sports car with the comfort of a luxury car, this Gullwing is one of the best options. A rare, limited production, front-mid-engine collectible car, this thing isn’t exactly an inexpensive purchase. With the 2015 GT Final Edition seeing resale values of between $300-400k, it needs preserving.

You may or may not be in the market for a supercar of this caliber. If you are, though, there’s no denying that automotive paint protection is a necessary step to take.


  • I can’t begin to say how thrilled I am with the outstanding job James P. did on my vehicle. I am so sorry I didn’t take before pictures! I never expected it to turn out like it did! It is spotless and so shiny. There is not one bit of dirt, dust, crud etc on the inside or outside. It really does look like a brand new vehicle (maybe even better). Its so clean that I don’t want to even drive it until the sun is shining! Great job James P. I will definitely request you next time. It was very nice meeting you!

    Donna Rocci Avatar Donna Rocci
    May 3, 2021
  • My car looks amazing like I just bought it off the lot at the dealership. They take their time and are very thorough with all the cracks and little spots that you need the tools they have to get to. I would recommend this to anyone who doesn't want to wait in some waiting room while you car is being done. Their service you can stay in the comfort of your home and still get your car detailed to perfection.

    Justin Hamilton Avatar Justin Hamilton
    August 8, 2023
  • Great work. In driveway, had all supplies. Will be using again! Update: Had them tint our SUV and they did an amazing job (ceramic - 7 windows). Will be back to tint my car with them and recommend to friends. They even hand washed the car when they finished!

    Roberto Vargas Avatar Roberto Vargas
    April 24, 2021
  • Nathans Detailing did a fantastic job. They allowed me to drop my vehicle off early in the AM before I had to be on a flight for a three day trip. PPF, front side and windshield tints, and a ceramic coating. They give you a kit complete with microfiber towels and a bottle of soap to use when washing the vehicle. When I arrived to pick up my vehicle they gave me a full rundown of everything done on it, explained the curing process and warranties. They made the process as easy as it could possibly be.

    Donald Landers Avatar Donald Landers
    February 16, 2023

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